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CERN and the real new or explosive news and Peter Higgs is still bewildered....


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The Upgraded Large Hadron Centrifuge                    


After the only single proof of the Higgs Boson, the LHC was upgraded, because the scientists were very aware of the fact that if they didnt find anything new, they all would have to apply to McDonalds, selling stuff over the counter. 

Not a very pleasant future for the boys and girls in Switzerland. Well, after starting up/firing up the big Boy, they only found some smaller particles within the "normal" existing stuff, so nothing "new". So lets hope that the LHC does find something more, otherwise McDonalds will have lots of job-applications.

What they could do though, is to try again to catch a Higgs-Boson. The first "proof" was only 1 test and scientifically NOT a real PROOF that the boson existed. I had some emails with the people over there and only 1 out of 3 agreed with me. The rest gave me nasty answers...and yes I am not a professor in physics but well, I do have a very down-to-earth approach to all this stuff. ( I will write a new article about that and my contacts with Stephen Hawking)

When the first boson was "found" you could see happiness on the face of good old Peter but afterwards we saw his bewilderment when he discovered that they only did 1 test and that's NO PROOF!!!!! You could see it mirroring on his face when looking up to the screen probably expecting "more"....                                                                            

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