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Armstrong and Rasmussen create dopinghate towards Froome - French show bad attitudes


Peter Wolfe
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Up pics: the criminals Armstrong and Rasmussen; down pics: Froome gets spit at and just received a cup of fresh french urine......

Unbelievable story: both criminals showed themselves at the Tour de France this year and NOBODY did anything the evict them from both the Tour and France!!!! Not the Tourorganisers ASO, not the French authorities who had threatened to arrest both, just idle talk, no action!!!!

And because of the african speedbug a lot of spectators thought Froome was doped too, hence those actions of the spectators alongside the road. And NOBODY did anything to protect Froome, NOBODY, not even the police!!!!!

And on top of it all, NOBODY saw the Jesuslike figure standing in the swing completely in front of the peloton which was racing towards him at 60km/hr....and that on the sacred Champs d' police, no ASO officials, nope, NOBODY. The guy had the luck of his life that the peloton could avoid an accident, he probably would have been killed.....

The German televison, back after many years of absence because of the doping circus, announced they would stay away next year if the organisers didn't change their attitude...and that says a lot.....when Greipel won the sprint here in Paris.

With some simple methods one can eradicate doping:

1. Tell the young athletes it is not acceptable to win while on doping

2. Once caught, career over!!

3. Make the bloodpass obligatory and every one who will not follow is forbidden to compete

4. Cut the old doping athletes from Diamond Leaques, WC and cycling and from any other sport for that matter

5. Use more money to catch the dopers, prosecute them and the officials from the organising teams including IAAFF and UCI and their leaders. The revelations of the last weeks about the suspect values of athletes during WC and Olympic Games says it all...

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