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Chris Froome and the African bug......


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No, this is NOT about doping.....this is about the secret african speedbug which characterises the african-born athletes. Chris has been born in Africa and like his "running mates" he has been infected by the mysterious

And let's cut the crap right away: the speedbug has nothing to do with the story that athletes had to run 25 miles a day to fetch water or food, thats bs(have to write it this way because my host doent want swearwords), none of the stars nowadays did that in their youth.

The secret reveals itself when you see the athletes run: steady pace and then slowly they add some steps per second extra but the general pace stays the same, grinding the white resistance into the ground or tartran. And than in the end of the race, they increase that pace again to get a winner, a black one from africa while the whitties still wonder what hit them....

Same way with Chris, he has a constant pace where ever he is cycling, smal adjustments and he is in a new rhytm but still same pace and even when climbing a mountain, he uses the lowest gear but all the time at the same pace, hit by the now known african speedbug. And I do hope he will continue this way, maybe maybe his opponents learn somehting of it......

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